The supporting pillars of our high-quality standards are:
Our livestock
Our raw material: milk
Our artisan process of elaboration and the cheese curing

Our livestock provides us a high added value to all our products.
We have selected for years the best breeding sheep and after studying the whole genetic data we have been getting what we have today: 100% “Lacaune” breed sheep with high quality standards with respect to their genetics.

Quesos Arteso

The raw material (milk), due to its comprehensive rigorous collecting process, acquires a high concentration of nutrients and flavors providing high quality standards in all the production process. This milk is unique and is the one we use to elaborate in an artisan way our cheeses with a flawless quality.

Our cheeses are made through an artisan slow process of rennet (500 litres maximum). In the elaboration process, we use natural animal rennet to obtain a soft cheese paste rich in aromas and flavors.

Quesos Arteso
Quesos Arteso
Quesos Arteso

The content of salt in our cheeses is perfectly controlled through a rotary brine that lets us provide a higher quality to our products.

Our cheeses are made in a totally natural way with a special curing process so their high quality is obvious with a natural drying combining the new technologies with the drying in the underground cave in a natural traditional way.

All this let us affirm that the Arteso cheeses have unique aroma and flavours with the highest quality you have ever tasted and enjoyed.