Quesos Arteso

ARTESO is a Spanish family business with three generations of cheese masters focused on the elaboration and production of cheese in an artisan way.

In 1941, Ms. Elisea García Castaño started the elaboration of cheese following the tradition of Herreruela de Oropesa area, environment dedicated to the livestock and the production of quality cheese since the Middle Ages.

As our ancestors developed, we carry out all the processes in an artisan way from the raw material (milk) procurement to the final product (high quality cheeses) where the natural and traditional way is the key for the high quality in all our products.

Our family, stockbreeders for decades, is dedicated to the selection of breed and the milk procurement, a high quality raw material that is used just to elaborate our cheeses.

Our commitment is maintaining this agricultural project based on animal health and environmental protection rigorous checks creating a sustainability closed cycle based in what is traditional and natural.

Quesos Arteso tradicion y familia